Where can i work with a culinary degree?

However, many restaurants hire a pastry chef to exclusively deliver (and sometimes even design) the dishes on the dessert menu. Practical experience is especially important if you want to move up in this profession. Working in the hospitality industry can turn the world into your oyster. Tourism offers a variety of vehicles for traveling chefs, such as cruise ships and food trucks, to name a few.

After all, fusion cuisines emerge through a lot of culinary experimentation. If you like to be crafty and creative in the kitchen, and are willing to do research constantly, working as a recipe developer can be a very rewarding career choice. Chef career opportunities include catering, fine restaurants, franchises, hotels and many other food-related environments. No matter where you find a job as a chef, culinary arts education provides the backbone of the knowledge and skills that will help you land your first position.

When you graduate with your associate degree in Culinary Arts, you will automatically receive certification from the American Culinary Federation as a Certified Culinary (CC).

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