What is the highest paid culinary job?

A cooking show host acts as the on-air talent for a culinary show, either on television or on a streaming service. Your functions depend on the plans of the television network or media production company you work with. Some presenters have pre-production tasks and help plan episodes, write scripts, and choose recipes to share with the audience. Most cooking programs hire a professional chef or culinary expert to present or cook dishes and share recipes during the show.

Your responsibilities may include offering advice about meals or interacting with other professional cooks and restaurateurs. As a food service manager, you have an oversight role in managing all operations of the kitchen section of a restaurant or hotel. The only exception is that you won't prepare the food yourself. That said, achieving the position of food service manager requires several years of work experience, and earning a culinary arts degree makes this process easier.

A culinary arts degree will teach you customer service, health standards, budgeting, event operations, catering management, and other relevant skills. Note* The restaurant manager, the beverage manager for 26% of food and the general manager are some variations of the food service manager, since the job responsibilities are more or less the same. Food Service Manager Job Description A culinary director is in charge of the overall objectives and goals of a restaurant or other food company. It is a high-level culinary position that requires 8 to 10 years of experience after a degree in culinary arts.

The average salary of a culinary operations director in India is approximately 15 to 20 INR LPA. The starting salary for technical brewers in India starts from 2 INR LPA and can go up to 10 INR LPA. The average salary of a food technician in India is approximately 3 to 5 INR LPA. ITM is an accredited culinary arts institution in Mumbai that has been operating for 30 years.

At ITM, you'll learn everything there is to know about cooking and baking from some of India's most distinguished academics. Our instructors are graduates of the best culinary schools in the world and have worked in some of the world's best-known restaurants. All students studying culinary arts at ITM receive 100% placement support and endless opportunities to work with giants in the food industry such as ITC, Taj, Oberois, Novotel, Sofitel and others. With ITM, you can dream of working as an F%26B manager, hotel manager, or top chef in these industry giants.

ITM offers high-quality education, top-notch laboratories, highly educated teachers, experienced training, and 100% placement assistance. Our culinary arts and hospitality management degree program is designed to provide students with an exceptional combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

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